Approximately 10,000 children and teenagers are enrolled in Matte Yehuda’s .100 educational institutions

There are 85 kindergartens serving 1,780 children, the eight elementary schools are attended by 3,660 pupils, another 1,600 ,students attend one of its three high schools and 2,500 students attend schools outside .of the area

The regional council of  Matte Yehuda allocates vast resources in its effort to drive the

educational system further to become Israel’s .leading system  Matte YEHUDA  Leading in Quality of Life

Regional Council Matte Yehuda As part of our activity, we have initiated a strategic program for promoting education, within which we have implemented advanced educational approaches, recruited top-quality professionals, and collaborate closely with academic institutions.

This year, Matte Yehuda won the Ministry of Environmental Protection .Award for promoting environmental awareness and education in preschool aged children.